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“Out Of State” DUI and Your Georgia License

by | Sep 12, 2015 | 0 comments

DUI from Out of State

Can a DUI in another state impact your Georgia license? In a word, yes.

Georgia law provides that a conviction from another state should be treated as though it was imposed by a Georgia court. That means that your out of state DUI conviction will be treated as though it occured in Georgia. You face the same penalties and consequences as those actually convicted of DUI in Georgia. The consequences of an out of state DUI for your Georgia license depends upon your age, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level, and prior driving record.

An Out of State DUI will Impact Your Georgia License

The Department of Driver Services (DDS) will find out about the conviction via the National Driver Register (a system used by the 50 states to report traffic and driving offenses).

If the DUI means that your driving privileges are suspended in the other state, your driver’s license will also be suspended in Georgia. The length of the suspension will depend on the suspension period in the other state, so your license may be suspended for longer than is typical in Georgia.

Once the suspension period is over, you may apply for a reinstatement of your Georgia license.

Were you convicted of an Out of State DUI?

If you’ve been convicted of an out of state DUI, you must be advised of the consequences for your Georgia license. To find out everything you need to know about your DUI arrest, give me a call for a FREE consultation – (770) 847-6571.