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Hi, I’m Christina Bridger & I’m a Criminal Defense Attorney. I solve legal problems & protect your rights.


I won my first trial when I was 10 years old.

Yes, you read that right, when I was 10 years old. I had a former judge as a substitute teacher and he decided to hold a mock trial in our class — The Case of the Stolen PB&J Sandwich. He picked me to be the defense attorney.

He told me afterwards that the case was designed for the prosecutor to win — they had eye witnesses and the sandwich was found in the kid’s book bag. It was an open and shut case.

There’s no way I should have won. But I did.

The judge told me that I poked so many holes in their case and made their witnesses look so bad — he had to give me the win. He told me that I was a natural.

And then, he asked me, “Have you ever thought about becoming a criminal lawyer?”

That moment at 10 years old still drives me today. It filled me with a relentless desire and passion to help people get out of trouble. It’s what motivated me to go to law school. It’s why I worked for the public defender’s office.  And it’s what led me to open my own firm, Bridger Law, focusing only on criminal law and defense.

Along the way, I’ve seen time and time again that I can win even when the odds are stacked against me. There’s always an option. There’s always a way. Let me find that way for you.

“My philosophy — one mistake shouldn’t define you. I work hard to ensure the best outcome for every client.”

Professional Bio


I believe you’ll see the difference between myself and most other lawyers almost immediately — I’ve been told it’s obvious as soon as you talk to me. What is it that sets me apart from other lawyers?

I care about your case and your future.

You are not just a number to me and I won’t just generalize your case and move on to the next client. Each and every client is important to me. And no matter how many people I help, each case gets my full focus and is a priority. When you work with me, you’ll find that not only am I experienced and knowledgeable about criminal defense, but that I care about you and your case specifically.

When accusations are made, there is often a psychological element that other lawyers miss. When you work with me, you’ll see immediately see that I develop a game plan to defend your case and determine a strategy not only to combat the accusations, but to ensure there is minimum effect on the rest of your life. By relying on my extensive experience and my prior successes, I am able to give my clients a sense of security and hope.

• University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts Political Science and Sociology
• University of Michigan Law School
• Graduate of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan Trial College
Memberships and Affiliations:
• State Bar of Georgia (Criminal Section)
• State Bar of Michigan (Criminal Section)
• Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
• Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I handle only DUI + criminal cases. Focusing on criminal cases exclusively has given me the experience needed to defend against these accusations. I’m up on the latest technology, defenses, and strategies in the field, ensuring the best defense possible for my clients.

I’ve represented clients in every type of criminal case including:  assault and battery, criminal trespass, family violence, embezzlement, larceny, sexual assault, statutory rape, trespassing, forgery, shoplifting, resisting arrest, false information, driving while license suspended (DWLS), child abuse, drunk and disorderly, minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), and violation of probation (VOP). My whole career has been dedicated to fighting for the rights of the accused.

I represent clients throughout the state of Georgia, including: Atlanta, Braselton, Buford, Cobb County, Cummings, Dacula, Dekalb County, Duluth, Fulton County,Gwinnett County, Marietta, Metro Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, and Suwanee.

As an attorney, of course my answer to this question is yes, but let me tell you why.  I’m all for having a DIY mentality with most things. However, I have yet to see anyone properly defend themselves in court based off of what they have learned online.

Almost every day I’m in court, I see someone who is trying to handle their case themselves, end up with an unjust result. Had they hired an attorney they could have taken their case to trial and won, gotten the case dismissed outright, or gotten lesser penalties as far as fines and probation requirements. When facing a criminal charge, the only advice I would give is to hire an attorney with the experience and knowledge necessary to fight your case.

No. I give free consultations for all DUI and criminal cases. During this conversation, I will explain the nature of the charges, the penalties you are facing, and several ways to tackle your case. You can reach me by calling (770) 847-6571 or by sending me an email through the contact form.

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